San José Cal-SOAP provides a range of programs and services both general and intensive to the Greater San Jose area. Some of our services After School Homework Centers, In-Class tutoring, College-Going Initiative; college and career related field trips, grade-level strategy activities and workshops, parent programming, Summer Algebra Academies, and all statewide initiatives such as Cash for College, College: Making It Happen and I’m Going To College.

The goals of the San Jose CalSOAP Consortium are to:

  • To increase the number of students from groups with historically low college eligibility and low college attendance rates who successfully complete their K-12 education;
  • To increase the number of students with historically low college eligibility and attendance rates who are academically prepared to attend postsecondary institutions;
  • To increase the amount of knowledge among designated students and their parents concerning postsecondary opportunities, preparation and admissions criteria and procedures, as well as financial aid sources and application procedures;
  • To increase targeted students interest in transferring to four-year institutions when they complete their community college experience and to facilitate their transfer process;
  • To enhance access to postsecondary institutions transfer options for designated students;
  • To help our service population explore, develop and clarify career interests, requirements and opportunities; and better understand the relationship between postsecondary education and future career aspirations.

Overall Cal-SOAP works strategically to provide the appropriate advising and services to all CalSOAP participants based on their current academic status, enabling them to increase their academic preparedness upon entering postsecondary education. We encourage all students to attend our workshops and meetings, and we do our best to keep these events open to anyone who express interest in attending.






An Academic Preparation Program of the California Student Aid Commission